Our History

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Parel pally has its ancestral roots in Mar Yuhanon Ihidoyo Orthodox church (Mulakulam Valiya Palli). Mulakulam Parel Palli has a rich history of around 120 years of peaceful spiritual worship. By Gods great grace our church in its 120 years of existence was never affected by factionalism or internal feud. Recently our church was successfully reconstructed to meet the needs of the growing Parish.

Mar Yuhanon Ihidoyo Orthodox Church (Mulakulam Valiya Palli).

As Parel Palli is originated from Mulakulam Valiya Palli we have to start from a brief history of Mulakulam Valiya Palli. Mulakulam Valiya Palli is officialy known as Mar Yuhanon Ihidoyo Orthodox Church. This church is almost 4 century old. It was the result of a huge demand from the Christian population of Mulakulam north and south region for a place of worship. The land for the church was donated by the then ruler His Highness Raman Ramavarma in the year1565 July 23rd. At that time Christians were generally called ‘Malankara Nasranikal’ and there were no other groups. Meanwhile there was a Portuguese domination among our people which created a diversity. The Christians become two groups and the people who believed in Catholic beliefs diverted from us and constructed a Catholic church that is The Catholic Church Mulakulam (komachen kunne Palli). Parel pally, Karmel kunnu and Mannukunnu are the three parishes which originated from Valiya Palli. The interior structure of Valiya Palli is remarkable. The lights that we could see in the picture are an offering from a king, that were very helpful for night time services, as there were no electricity at that time.

St Peters  and St Pauls Orthodox church (Parel Palli old Church)

Parel pally was built in A D 1895 as a chapel of Mulakulam Valiya pally . The initiative for parel palli came from Rev Fr Yacub Velliammaril (who was then Dn. Jacob Velliammaril). He was supported by Rev.Fr.Varkey Mathew Muranthookil, who was then the Vicar of Mulakulam Valiyapalli. The foundation stone was laid by Rev. Fr.Scaria Medamana on A D 1895 sep 29th. The construction was completed on  on 28th June 1897. The support from Rev. Fr. Chacko Eenakulathil, was also significant in achieving the milestone of church construction.

The consecration of the chapel was done by the then metropolitan of the Kandanad Diocese, His Grace Mar Ivaniyos Murimattathil Metropolitan (later 1st Catholicos of the east). The holy mass was celebrated at the chapel on the very next day 29th of June 1897. Later on Parel palli became an independent parish

St Peters  and St Pauls Orthodox church (Parel Palli New Church)

After over a century, the church was rebuilt in 2013, to meet the needs of the growing parish. The old Church was an elegant example of the traditional  architecture of Christian churches in Kerala. The new church blends tradition and modern architecture. It is based on an octagonal shape so as to accommodate more number of people at lesser overall cost. With this architecture we could construct a church which has all the needed facilities and at the same time affordable by the small parish and its diaspora as well as its well-wishers.  The inititation for the construction was taken by then vicar, Rev Fr Varghese M Varghese (Jino  achan). The construction was completed with able help and guidance from Very Revd. Skariah P Chacko Cor Episcopa, Revd. Fr V A Mathews and Revd. Fr T V Andrews. The foundation stone was laid by H.G Dr Mathews Mar Severios Metropolitan  on 25th of April 2010 and was consecrated by His Holiness Baselios Mar Thoma Paulose II Catholicos of the East , supported by H.G Yuhanon Mar Polikarpos Metropolitan of Angamaly , H.G Dr Thomas mar Athanasios Metropolitan of Kandanad East as well as our beloved Diocesan Metropolitan H G Dr Mathews Mar Severios on 1st February  2013.

Social Cause: The current Govt Higher Secondary School Namakuzhy

Parel Pallikudam (Now Govt H.S.S.Namakuzhi) was started in 1915.At that time there were no educational institutions in the whole area. Our Velliammaril Yakub Achan was aware of the importance of education in the development of both social and religious progress. With the permission of Thiruvithamkur Maharaja, achan started a primary school within Parel Palli’s  premises, which was called the ‘Parel Pallikudam’ . The expenses were taken by the Church and sometimes even by achan himself . In 1921 the school was raised to middle school level. Later on achan donated the school to Govt, for the betterment of the institution which would otherwise have faced uphill challenges for meeting its expenses as well as finding the right teachers. In due respect of its founder a photo of Rev Fr Yacub Velliammaril is kept in the staff room of Govt HSS Namakuzhy as shown in the photo. This school was elevated to Highschool by the Thiru Kochi Chief minister, due to the collective petition by Rev Fr V S Joseph velliammaril, Dr Sakkaria P Jose SheemanKunnel, Sri P.T Kuruvilla Poovathumkal, Kunjakko Medamana et all. This school is the current Namakuzhy Govt Higher Secondary School.